Woman worried she’s ‘forgotten how to do everything’ after 12 years without sex

An Australian woman has opened up about having sex for the first time in 12 years – and how she forgot all of her bedroom moves.

Juliette Herrera, 35, chose to give up sex after having a religious experience in India.

In her 20s, Juliette was a “hippy girl” into reiki and yoga, but this changed when she met a Christian woman.

Juliette told Jana Hocking: “She prayed for me and I had a real beautiful experience with God.

“That’s how my journey with my faith began, and in doing that I wanted to stop doing drugs, having sex, no drinking and completely transform my character inside.”

But, the born-again Christian, who appeared on the Bachelor, said it was tricky to stay away from sex.

Juliette gave up sex for 12 years

Speaking on the podcast Kinda, Sorta, Dating, Juliette said “many guys” didn’t think she was serious about abstinence.

She claimed that many of them would date her for a few months before getting tired of waiting and breaking up with her.

“So then they would dump me and I’d be like, ‘Oh God why doesn’t anyone wait for me? Am I not good enough?’” she said.

“Then the years passed on and on and it was like five years celibate, eight years celibate, 10 years celibate.

“And it was like wow, now when I do have sex I’m a virgin, so my lady parts when I do have sex – it’s going to hurt.”

Juliette now has a steady partner
Juliette now has a steady partner

Juliette has now found a boyfriend who she is willing to sleep with after 12 years of chastity.

She noted: “I still feel like a new girl doing it, because I’ve forgotten how to do everything: how to ride a guy, how to have oral sex.”

And, Juliette added that she’d “had to ask for lessons” from pals and watch x-rated videos to “mentally get ready to be naked with someone”.

Juliette laughed: “I basically had girlfriends who visually recorded how to do it, how to move … I was just practising on the floor.”

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