Woman lets boyfriend cheat as she has low libido – but leaves people worried

Reddit is a wonderful place to get sex advice while still remaining anonymous.

And that was certainly the case for one man, who was left confused by his girlfriend’s suggestion that he can “sleep with whoever he wants”.

He says it is her solution to end the one problem they have in their relationship – their opposite sex drives.

Stating his girlfriend of over eight years has a low libido and only wants sex “once every few weeks” and he is much higher, she came up with an idea to end their issue after being inspired by a TV show.

The user titled the post: “Girlfriend has low libido and came up with a solution.”

A Reddit user has left users divided with his sex life

They wrote: “She was watching some tv show and in it was a couple with a similar situation.

“She’s saying I can f**k whoever I want as long as I’m honest about it and there’s no emotional connection. She said she sees it as a form of masturbation.

“She has never been the jealous type (we’ve been together 8.5 years) and doesn’t care who I follow on Ig, who’s pics I like, etc. She just wants to make sure I’m satisfied sexually.

“She still f***s me like once every few weeks and the sex is amazing, just not frequent enough.

“Do you see this as a form of masturbating? She seems really nonchalant about it and not worried whatsoever.”

Reddit users were divided by his girlfriend’s suggestion.

Some claimed it may be her way to sleep with other people too, while others supported giving it a try.

One commented: “Proceed with caution. This situation can get complicated if/when you start sleeping with other people.”

Another wrote: “Let’s add “does she get to f**k other people also” to that list. Like, at the top. Not having that straight could cause more problems than all the other ones.”

And a third accused: “She’s letting him sleep with others because she wants to sleep with others. I could be wrong but that’s the first thing that comes to mind.”

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