What is tempered glass? Do I need it for my mobile?

What is tempered glass? Do I need it for my mobile?

There is no person who has not been in a difficult time in their life to see the screen of a cell phone break. If you don’t like cell phone covers – thikes kiniton -, such as wallet-style leather cases, then unfortunately the cell phone screen is at risk of cracking, cracking or breaking in a fall.

A good solution is the case with an increased rim around the perimeter, but even these do not offer 100% protection if the mobile phone falls at a bad angle or lands on uneven ground. And the problem is that replacing a touch screen on a smartphone costs a lot.

Fortunately, there is a very economical option to protect our screen if you do not want to use a two-sided case. It is called tempered glass and is associated with indisputable advantages.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is a thin layer of glass, which is applied to the screen of the mobile phone. Because glass has undergone special chemical and thermal treatment, it is much more durable than conventional glass.

In addition, in the unlikely event that it breaks, it does not break into sharp and sharp pieces, but into very small fragments that pose no risk.

What are the advantages of tempered glass screen protectors?

Tempered glass screen protectors have 4 basic advantages, which are not found in plastic film membranes:

1. They are very durable, much more than plastic films. They completely protect the screen from breakage or scratches, as they are not scratched. If the phone falls from a great height and lands on the screen, then there is a chance that the tempered glass will break, but the screen will remain completely intact.

2. They do not reduce the screen response. Plastic membranes have created the myth that not all screen protectors feel good on the touch screen, but this does not apply to tempered glass, on which the fingers slide in exactly the same way as on the screen.

3. They are easy to clean. With a clean cloth, the fingers and all the dirt, even the oils, are removed, with much less friction than with the normal screen and of course with the plastic protector.

4. The installation is very simple. It is not uncommon for bubbles to remain in the membranes because they have not been applied properly. Such a problem does not exist with tempered glass. All you have to do is clean the screen very well before you put it on.

Do I really need a screen protector with tempered glass?

In some cases it is more than necessary to have a screen protector on your mobile phone if you do not want to need to replace the much more expensive screen.

This applies when:

  • Have your cell phone in the same bag as the keys.
  • You often hold the mobile phone in your hand or put it in a pocket, from which it may fall.
  • You use it on the beach, where even a grain of sand can carve it extensively.

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Tempered glass is affixed to the screen and protects it from rings, oils and grease, water (or moisture) that may be present in the environment. It also offers greater protection against scratches and breaks in the event of a fall to the floor or uneven ground, with the side of the screen. That is why it is very important to use, ideally for devices, which cost a small fortune, as repairing a smartphone screen is an unprofitable process.

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It is certain that what interests you most is the protection of your mobile phone and even more of the screen part. If the screen wears out, the problem is not only aesthetic but also functional, so it is very important to get the essentials for the protection of tempered glass.

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