We Vibe launches first smart and contactless sex toy specifically designed for couples

If you’ve been hoping to spice things up in the bedroom, what better way to add an element of fun than with some new toys?

It sounds all fun and games, but according to research there still seems to be quite the gap when it comes to pleasure.

Following a recent international survey of 14,500 individuals conducted by We Vibe, almost half of men say that they ‘always’ reach orgasm during penetrative sex compared to only 20.3% of women.

Furthermore, when asked who usually climaxes first during intercourse, 42.2% of women say their (male) partner climaxes before them.

With this in mind, We-Vibe, leading manufacturer of innovative couple’s vibrators, has been the first to launch a connected and contactless clitoral stimulator specifically designed for couples called, The We Vibe Melt.

The Melt is a contactless clitoral stimulator designed for couples

The We Vibe Melt retails for £119 and is available exclusively at We Vibe in midnight blue or pink tones.

Thanks to its slim and ergonomic design, it can easily fit between two partners and offers clitoral stimulation to vulva owners during sex, in a variety of positions, you’ll also get around two hours of play time on a single charge.

Featuring patented Pleasure Air technology, Melt stimulates the sensitive nerve endings of the clitoris, without contact, through pulsating air waves and gentle suction.

But that’s not all, the We-Vibe Melt can be controlled remotely via the free We-Connect mobile app.

Taking control via the app, the partner can vary the 12 available intensity levels as he/she wishes, whether in the same room or on another continent – how good is that?

The new launch comes after research showed that half of the vulva owners report needing additional clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm during penetrative sex (23.7% need it “every time” and 24.8% need it at least 75% of the time)

“These results do not suggest that sex should be a race to climax. There is no rule in this matter, but it should first and foremost bring pleasure to both partners involved. So anybody who would like to orgasm, either before or after their partner, should be able to do so,” explains Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at We-Vibe.

Customers keen to bridge the pleasure gap should give it a try, the toy has already racked up plenty of five-star reviews on the company website, with some customers describing orgasms as ‘0 -100’ and others claiming it ‘knocked their socks off’.

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