Using cannabis lube before having sex ‘can keep you aroused for days’

A sex expert has shared the effects CBD-based lubricants may have, and it may leave you surprised.

Calandra Balfour, co-owner of Lust!, revealed the sex trends 2020 is set to see to Daily Star Online.

Over the last couple of years, CBD based products have seen a large rise in popularity.

Cannabis based products can come in the form of oils, creams and even balms, and they’re soon to start infiltrating the bedroom.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Calandra said: “There are lots of cannabis enhanced lubricants in Europe which have the active ingredient of THC in them which aren’t approved to be used in this country.

A sex expert has shared the effects CBD based lubricants may have, and it may leave you surprised

“A CBD lubricant will definitely increase sensitivity and it will increase flow.

“It definitely increases libido and sensitivity and one of the other aspects is that it is a very soothing lubricant.”

The expert even said the side effect of using the CBD lube, “if you want to call it a side effect, is because it is a slow acting thing that reacts over the next few days”.

Explaining why the properties in the lube works so well Calandra explained how the genital area absorbs it.

The entrepreneur added: “It’s being used on genital skin so the mucus membrane absorbs it and it definitely works over time and the next day.”

The expert compared the lubricant to Cannabis oils.

Calandra added: “It works in a similar way to CBD drops you are more likely to feel the positive affects over time.”

And while the lubricant may assist with arousal, it has been said to ease pain.

“For people who get pain while having sex, it will definitely help that,” the expert said.

“If you’re using it on more sensitive areas, so for example, during anal sex, the CBD oil will be great.”

For information on medical cannabis, visit the NHS’s website here.

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