Signs that you’re dating a psychopath – from crocodile tears to ‘love-bombing’

Many people worry about whether the person who they are dating is right for them at the start.

People are told to look for “red flags” to identify if that person may not be the one.

And now psychologist Emma Kenny has shared the signs to look out for that show you may be dating a psychopath.

The term “psychopath” was originally used to describe individuals who were deceitful, manipulative, and uncaring.

Psychopathic behaviour varies greatly from one individual to another, with some becoming successful leaders.

However, it’s not always easy to date someone who shows these traits.

Here are the signs to look out for, according to Emma.

They’re never wrong

Never being wrong is a giveaway for psychopaths, according to Emma

Never being wrong is a big signal for exposing psychopaths, according to Emma.

Writing for The Sun, she said: “Constantly shifting the goal posts, they ensure you never feel truly secure. Even when you catch them out for lying, they use manipulation so you end up second guessing yourself.”

Emma says people who do this find their partner often “give up and accept their view” to avoid conflict.

They are great lover

Emma said that psychopaths often wow with “well-crafted sexual performance between the sheets”.

She said this is due to arrogance and a lack of inhibitions.

However, she said psychopaths will often tire of their partner as they relationship carries on and brand them “boring” in bed.

They use others

Emma says: “If they can use others to get ahead financially, professionally or socially, they know how. And if a friendship falls by the wayside, they are quick at playing the innocent victim card.”

She also says that a psychopath will order the most expensive thing on the menu, but conveniently leave their credit card at home so you foot the bill.

They’re up for a threesome

Emma says a psychopath will introduce the idea of a threesome through either “coercion or seduction”

Emma says that psychopaths don’t understand lover – only possession.

She writes: “Whatever they possess they seek to manipulate for their own personal gratification. Sexually, you are more of an object or a toy.”

Emma says a psychopath will introduce the idea of a threesome through either “coercion or seduction”.

With coercion, she says they’ll make you feel like you aren’t satisfying them, while with seduction, they pretend that it is a sacrifice they’re making so you can experience more sexual pleasure.

They are prone to love-bombing

Love-bombing is when someone is overly affectionate to get what they can from you.

They often declare their undying love for you to “milk you for all you’re worth,” according to Emma.

They show you the crocodile tears

Woman in tears
She says psychopaths “mimic what they think painful and challenging emotions should look like”

Emma says: “While they express feelings such as surprise, happiness or joy, when it comes to fear and sadness, something is missing. They mimic what they think painful and challenging emotions should look like.”

They never say sorry

Emma writes: “No lie is too big, or too small, and even if you can show them direct evidence of lying, cheating or stealing, they won’t break a sweat.”

The expert says that not saying sorry is one of the biggest red flags and should be taken “as a stark warning”.

She says psychopaths often make you feel like you are the crazy one and constantly make you question your own sanity.

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