Sexpert shares best way to flirt – and what moves to avoid to get women in bed

Are you struggling to flirt?

Nadia Bokody has shared the best ways to flirt and the one thing you must avoid to get women to like you.

In a 12-minute clip, titled How To Flirt With A Girl (THIS Is How To Get A Girlfriend) on her YouTube channel, the Australian sexpert outlined eight ways to get a girlfriend.

From avoiding cheesy pick-up lines to making her laugh, the sex writer dished her best flirting tips to her 203,000 YouTube subscribers.

She admitted that men should be more authentic and not cheesy when it came to pick-up lines, saying: “They should definitely be left on the internet.”

Nadia continued: “We probably have heard what you’re about to say once before and it just makes you come off sleazy, so stick to being genuine and yourself and being relaxed and natural.”

When it comes to compliments, the sexpert advised men to be a bit more subtle and to avoid making comments about their bodies.

She added: “Most women don’t like having a guy who they don’t know particularly well tell them that we have a nice a** or that we look really sexy.

“The best thing to do is to stick to safe features so comment on her eyes, her smile, even on her laugh or comment on her great taste in fashion. Keep it really safe.”

Nadia admits that men should avoid cheesy pick-up lines if they want to land a girlfriend

Making her laugh and smiling frequently are other ways to get her to like you, according to Nadia.

And as well as having a good sense of humour, the YouTuber said it’s important to find out if she’s single before you pounce – because that could get awkward.

She explained: “A great way to flirt is to subtly ask if she is in a relationship or seeing someone. It’s a subtle way of letting her know that you’re interested in her in that way. It also helps you to save time to pursue someone in a relationship.”

Sexpert shares best way to flirt – and what moves to avoid to get women in bed
The sexpert said that men should avoid certain compliments

Nadia even said to strategically touch her arm, make it personal and close the distance to get a woman to like you.

She said in the clip: “One of the most important factors of flirting is is to incorporate subtle amounts of touch. It breaks down the barrier, it makes things a bit more intimate.

“You want to keep it subtle and super quick, it might come across creepy if you touch her in the wrong ways and for too long. If you want to flirt you need to be closing the actual distance between the two of you, but don’t do it at the start.

“And finally show some interest in her by asking questions is a great way to flirt, so more specific questions is a form of flirting.”

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