Sexpert shares best positions for every scenario – including when his penis is ‘too big’

There can be a lot of issues that come up when you have sex.

However, sexpert Tracey Cox has shared some handy sex position solutions to the most common awkward scenarios.

Tracey says that all positions are based on the basic five – her on top, him on top, from behind, side-by-side and standing.

However, she says that you can customise them dramatically by trying different angles with your bodies, arms and legs.

And these different positions can provide solutions to a number of issues.

One such problem could be that one of you is self-conscious.

Writing on Mail Online, Tracey said that if you lack confidence, you should try a position where you aren’t facing one another.

Tracey Cox says you can customise sex positions to provide solutions to a number of issues

She said: “You’ll feel less inhibited if there’s no eye contact and be more inclined to let go and enjoy it. (Plus they can’t see the bits where it all goes a bit wonky.)”

Tracey also suggested that another alternative could be to blindfold your partner.

Meanwhile, women who are struggling to orgasm through intercourse should try the ‘reverse cowgirl’ position, according to Tracey.

She say: “The ‘reverse cowgirl’ and her on top are consistently voted both his favourite position and the position most likely to give her an orgasm during intercourse.”

Woman shocked as she looks between man's legs
For well-endowed men, the sexpert recommends choosing a position that doesn’t allow deep penetration

Tracey says the ‘reverse cowgirl’ means women can easily alternate between good, constant clitoral contact or G-spot focused thrusting.

Another tip she gave is for people who feel exhausted.

Tracey recommended to ladies: “Lie on your side, with your back to his front. Lift your bottom to allow him to penetrate and tighten your thighs for maximum friction, while his hands reach around to stimulate your clitoris.

“If you’re half asleep, your sexual system probably is, too, so help it along by using lubricant.”

Couple getting intimate in bed
She also suggested ‘armchair sex’ for those that are tired

She also suggested ‘armchair sex’ for those that are tired – with women sitting on a man’s lap and facing him, in a crouched position.

Tracey writes: “Place your feet flat on the seat beside his thighs while he holds you by the waist and lifts you up and down.”

For women dating a rather well-endowed man who may be “too big”, the sexpert recommends choosing a positon that doesn’t allow deep penetration.

This includes women going on top so they get to control the depth of his thrusts or side by side.

She adds: “Or try missionary with a twist: you lie on your back, he penetrates from on top, as usual. Then you tightly close your legs to minimise access as he thrusts – this not only helps control the depth of penetration, it also feels better for him because he’s thrusting between your thighs as well as into your vagina.”

Meanwhile, those having sex with a guy who has a small member are recommended to lay on their back and lay their legs over his shoulders.

Tracey says this will narrow the vaginal canal and allow him deep access.

Another position she recommends in women on all fours as he penetrates from behind.

She has a solution for everything it seems!

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