Sex worker keeps spreadsheet to rank clients – from positions tried to who orgasmed

A sex worker has claimed that she used to rank clients in a spreadsheet after each hook-up while she was an escort.

Aella, who came from a strong Christian household, is now a hugely-successful content creator on OnlyFans.

Speaking on the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast, she said her success had been partly down to her data-driven approach to sex work, and revealed how, when she was escorting, she would rank clients in a spreadsheet.

“I tracked the sex positions we had, their occupation, how attractive I found them and how good I thought they were at sex, who orgasmed, how many times I saw them, how long the appointment was, the city it was in… Stuff like that”, she said.

Aella, a hugely successful sex worker, has revealed how she used to rank escorting clients in a spreadsheet

“Unfortunately, I only started tracking part of the way through, so I have about 75 data points from 75 clients.

“Which is good, but not enough to draw very strong conclusions unless you have a really strong correlation.”

Aella did confess, however, that there was one small – and perhaps surprising – conclusion that she was able to draw from her research.

Speaking on the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast, Aella shared her story of coming from a Fundamentalist Christian background to being a top creator on OnlyFans

“I did find a weak suggestion that I tend to orgasm more with unattractive clients, which is interesting,” she admitted.

The escort claimed that she thinks this is because unattractive clients tried harder to please her, joking: “Any time I got a really attractive client I was like, ‘dammit’.

Aella also detailed what her typical clients when escorting were like, saying: “For me, they tended to be higher end guys; lawyers, doctors, successful writers, TV show writer people, architects, the kind that had the disposable income that allowed them to see me.

Aella also revealed a perhaps surprising finding from her data work, sharing the conclusion that she had better sex with unattractive clients

It comes after a swinger mum revealed how she loves having sex with couples in their 70s.

Natalia, a 47-year-old paralegal from Los Angeles, often goes for older couples because they are more “stable” in their relationships.

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