Sex worker admits she ‘hated’ OnlyFans and says it ruined self-pleasure for her

Sex worker Tilly Lawless said she found herself having to move onto OnlyFans during the coronavirus pandemic – but she didn’t enjoy it at all.

She said that when brothels closed in March 2020, she had to go on to the racy subscription-based site.

And although she admitted she was “lucky” she was able to do so, she won’t be sticking with it.

Tilly admitted that the whole four months she was on the platform, she was “stressed” about being kicked off at any moment.

This is because she says OnlyFans isn’t sex worker-friendly.

Writing for The Guardian, she says: “The website requires workers to attach their legal identification to sex work, which many can’t risk – particularly given the platform has had its privacy breached in the past, with lists of legal names published online. Not everyone has the technology needed for it either.

Tilly moved onto OnlyFans after brothels shut during the pandemic

“OnlyFans doesn’t like in-person sex workers, because it doesn’t want to be held responsible for people soliciting prostitution – so if you do full-service sex work outside of OnlyFans, regardless of the legality, your account can be shut down and your earnings seized.”

Tilly also said that posting about OnlyFans on Instagram can get your platform shut down.

She added: “Instagram is where most of my followers are who I needed to build my OnlyFans profile, so for many months I existed in this weird, precarious online space in which the promotion or even just existence of any of my work threatened the rest of it.”

Sex worker Tilly Lawless poses in a pink dress
She admitted the site left her “stressed”

Tilly also admitted it’s not that easy for everyone to make money off of OnlyFans, despite many people using it to “get rich”.

She wrote: “The percentage ranking system makes it competitive and hierarchical, and the pool of clients are spread ever more thinly between an increasing number of providers, which swelled from 7.5m in November 2019 to 85m in November 2020.

“Sure, the top 2% are making great money… but that means there are 98% not making anywhere near that.”

Talking about her own experience, Tilly confessed she “hated” OnlyFans.

One of the reasons is because she didn’t have clear working hours, and always felt like she had to be “available”. She also said it brought her work into her own bedroom and into things she had done for pleasure before – such as masturbation and selfies.

She admitted: “I didn’t masturbate for five months after quitting OnlyFans; it was ruined for me by months of recording myself doing it.”

Tilly said she was “joyous and relieved” when brothels reopened in July 2020 – but says she is living off Centrelink and trying to write now that they are closed again.

Despite this she vows that she will never again go back to OnlyFans.

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