Revolutionary sex toys have ‘warmth of human skin and talk dirty like real person’

Sex toys have become very high-tech in recent years.

Colour changing devices can now detect arousal, while sex robots could soon stand and walk just like humans do.

If that wasn’t enough to take in, product developers have also released intimate devices that chat to you.

PDX has released interactive products spout dirty talk to get users even more aroused.

They also moan along with your movements, replicating the feeling of having sex with a real person.

Daily Star Online caught up with PDX designers to find out more about the talking toys.

The sex toys come in various different designs, from phallic devices to replica vaginas

The PDX Dirty Talk products are made from Fanta flesh material, which makes them feel like the “warmth of real skin”.

And to add to the feeling of couple sex rather than masturbation, the devices are also interactive.

As users pleasure themselves with the toys, different naughty phrases and sexual moans are omitted from them.

These react to your movement and speed, making them more realistic than automated words would be.

A PDX insider told Daily Star Online: “Not only does the Dirty Talk feature offer a more lifelike fantasy experience, it also encourages people to consider new pleasure possibilities they may not have otherwise felt empowered to explore.

“Dirty Talk captures realistic scenarios based on the unique touch during each encounter; it’s voice activated by touching each erogenous zone, rewarding and exciting the user again and again with surprises at every turn.”

Revolutionary sex toys have 'warmth of human skin and talk dirty like real person'
As you can charge the toys, you don’t have to worry about any intimacy ending early

The devices come in different designs, allowing them to be used by those of all sexualities.

PDX’s Dirty Talk Male is shaped like a penis, while its Elite Dirty Talk Stroker features a vagina-like opening.

They also have more kinky functions than the human body has.

The sex toys are rechargeable – so you don’t have to feel disappointed when they don’t go all night.

They also offer plenty of different vibration settings, which you can set to suit your own personal preferences.

While some prefer to put the vibrations on teasing settings, others like to get straight down to business.

And undoubtedly, the unique Dirty Talk technology adds to the whole experience.

As the sex toys are so lifelike, it could be a worry that masturbation may end up feeling better than getting jiggy with a partner.

But despite the potential for the machines replacing humans, PDX insiders say their products enhance rather than destroy relationships.

They added: “Sexual pleasure toys like PDX Male can actually help improve relationships by providing an outlet to try new things and a vehicle to help communicate desires.

“We believe sex toys can enhance and excite anyone’s life, allowing people to explore their fantasies in a safe environment.”

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