Regularly roasting your partner ‘makes your relationship stronger’, experts say

A new study has shown that regularly roasting your partner can indicate that you have a healthy relationship.

The research, as carried out by Appalachian State University, North Carolina, found that couples who “roast each other daily” are ore likely to enjoy a long-lasting and happy romance.

So, if you can’t help but poke fun at each other, giggle at slightly mean pet names and enjoy a sarcastic slanging match it might be whats keeping your relationship strong.

Be careful not to cross the line though, as seriously upsetting your partner isn’t on.

Laurel House, a celebrity dating coat and podcast host, says that for a couple to be compatible their personality and sense of humour need to align to ensure that when you’re taking the Mickey out of each other no-one takes “offence, feels hurt or gets defensive.”

He also says that you shouldn’t let actual frustrations or negative feelings, such as resentment over the laundry or money issues, make their way into the jokes.

Couples who make fun of each other daily are more likely to be in long-lasting and happy relationships

You shouldn’t be trying to cause pain or embarrassment, so don’t aim jokes at sensitive issues or go below the belt – it should all just be in good fun.

Laurel told Cosmopolitan : “When you roast each other’s quirks, you are effectively pointing out the little, sometimes ignored sides to your personalities.

“Those quirks tend to be the things that you love the most about your partner.”

He added: “If you ask the roaster what they find most attractive about their partner, there’s a good chance it could be the exact same thing that they roast them over.”

Regularly roasting your partner 'makes your relationship stronger', experts say
You shouldn’t let actual frustrations or negative feelings into the jokes

So keep it fun and light-hearted when you’re making fun of your loved one.

The theory was supposed by 39 studies involving over 15,000 people conducted by Jeffrey hall from the University of Kansas.

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