Never managed to have an orgasm? You could have anorgasmia…

Have you never been able to orgasm despite enjoying sex or despite sufficient effort?

You’re not alone – about 75 per cent of women cannot reach orgasm from penetration alone and 10 to 15 per cent never orgasm under any circumstances. Some studies suggest that up to 41 per cent of women may suffer from the inability to orgasm.

The inability to reach orgasm goes by a few different names, such as orgasmic dysfunction, anorgasmia and female orgasmic disorder.

The condition can reportedly be classified into three types:

1. General anorgasmia – where a person cannot have an orgasm in any situation and never has.

2. Acquired anorgasmia – where someone was able to orgasm but is no longer able to.

3. Situational anorgasmia – where someone can only orgasm in certain situations (like masturbation) but not in others (sex).

Many women cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone

The causes of anorgasmia are varied and include the physical: ageing, gynaecological problems (such as hysterectomy aftercare or dyspareunia), medications, lifestyle choices (excessive drinking or smoking), and certain diseases(diabetes, MS and Parkinson’s).

Psychological causes of anorgasmia include: past trauma (abuse, but especially sexual abuse), body image issues (dysmorphia or insecurity), mental health problems (stress, anxiety and depression), relationship problems and the emotions we have attached to sex – such as shame or guilt – could affect our ability to reach orgasm.

Never managed to have an orgasm? You could have anorgasmia...
Between 10 and 41 per cent of women may suffer from orgasmic dysfunction

If you believe that you suffer from anorgasmia it could be advisable to see your GP. There may be a physical or psychological problem which underlies your inability to orgasm. Therapy, a change in medication or lifestyle changes, among other things, may be able to help you.

Some women have found that cognitive behavioural therapy or intimate massage can help them to let loose and finally experience orgasm, but you must make sure that you are following the guidance of a professional at all times.

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