‘My boyfriend’s dad sends him nude photos of women he’s dating – what do I do?’

Not many girlfriends like it when their partner looks at nude photos of other women.

However, what do you do when it’s your boyfriend’s dad who is sending them to him?

That’s exactly the situation for one woman who shared her dilemma on Reddit.

Opening up online, the 23-year-old woman said: “Basically, his dad is really sleazy and has said some funny things when it comes to women.

“I was looking for pictures of us on his phone and basically saw a bunch of pictures of random chicks, both nude and not nude, linked through messages in his pictures.

“Well I got curious and opened a few, and basically his dad just sends him a bunch of nudes of girls he’s having sex with.”

She said her partner now hides his phone from her

The woman said she mentioned the photos to her boyfriend and told him it annoyed her, but said “we never really moved forward with that conversation”.

She added: “Recently I asked him if his dad was still sending him a bunch of nudes, he said no, I asked to see if he was being honest, and come to find out he’s deleted the entire conversation between him and his dad.

“So, I’m feeling a bit of trust issues now, and I definitely don’t like his dad anymore, not just because he’s been a complete creep, but because of some of the things I’ve seen him saying too. Just gross.”

She continued: “I didn’t blow up at my boyfriend at all, just said that’s really not cool and how am I supposed to trust you on things now?

“Every morning when we wake up he checks his phone with his back turned to me, or just generally where I can’t see anything he’s looking at.

Person on a dating app
People online said they thought it was “weird” and “gross”

“His dad stays up all night and texts him 4-5 times a night. Sometimes when I ask about it he becomes defensive and gets mad at me.”

The woman asked for advice on how they could move forward, as she wrote: “I’m upset because I don’t think it’s alright or appropriate, I get it’s his dad, but I don’t know, I’m not okay with that.

“And now that I saw my boyfriend was lying to me about it, I’m even more upset and now there’s a trust gap.

“I asked how he’d feel if I had someone sending me other people’s d**k pics all the time and he says he wouldn’t care… but I feel like that’s easy for him to say, because all my conversations with other people are totally PG.

“I just think it’s weird and gross, the frequency his dad is sending him nudes, and I wish he’d stop but now I feel like my boyfriend is just going to keep it a secret and delete everything so I’d never know anyway.

“Is it appropriate for me to ask my boyfriend, to ask his dad to stop?”

Giving their advice, someone fumed: “What a f**ked up family… you need to give your boyfriend an ultimatum if he continues this. I would honestly leave if my boyfriend kept enabling and benefiting off his dads pervy behaviour.”

While another added: “This is horrible. If your boyfriend were a decent man he would feel uncomfortable seeing the nudes of the woman his dad is f**king. Any normal guy would ask his father not to do this.”

Many others also asked if she had sent her boyfriend nude photos, warning her he might have sent them back to his dad.

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