‘My boyfriend is too noisy during sex and I find it a turn off – what shall I do?’

A woman has asked for advice after complaining the her boyfriend is “too noisy” during sex.

The lady took to Reddit to ask for advice on the awkward situation as she said she was finding it a “turn off”.

She wrote: “My partner is great at actual sex. But he is very noisy and fast for everything from kissing to groping to licking, basically he does very loud moans for everything and smacks his lips very loudly during kissing.

“I’m the opposite as I’m quite quiet during sex, I do moan especially during penetration, but I don’t moan much when we’re kissing or I’m going down on him.

She said his noisiness was a turn off for her

“I’ve asked him if he can be a bit quieter and he doesn’t understand, he says he likes to express that he’s enjoying himself, but it seems really over the top and kind of forced.

“When he goes down on me he’s like ‘Mmmmm ohhh so good, mmm’, not even quiet for one second.

“I’m not sure if I have the right to stop him if he truly enjoys making noises so much but it’s a bit of a turn off for me. What are your thoughts on a noisy partner?”

Many people replied to the woman admitting they couldn’t help but laugh at her descriptions.

However, many suggested that she try introducing music into the bedroom when they have sex.

Couple having sex
People suggested he may be replicating porn he’d watched

One person commented: “Some people are loud. Like SCREAMING loud. Been there. Maybe it’s just his thing. You could talk to him more specifically about the parts that turn you off and try to find a middle ground. Maybe play some music.”

While another added: “LMAO! I would not be able to keep myself from absolutely cracking up. Someone already suggested putting on music or something… maybe he just likes having background noise and will make his own if there’s nothing else on?”

A third wrote: “I’m so sorry I laughed at your descriptions haha uhhh maybe try playing some music? Or introducing toys such as a ball gag? I love when my partner moans but it sounds like your partner is a little over the top lol.”

The woman replied saying: “I keep wanting to laugh when it’s happening and then he goes ‘Why are you laughing’ and I’m like ‘Sorry it’s the noises’ and he gets offended but I really can’t help it. I think he’d be really insulted by a ball gag haha.”

Others suggested her boyfriend may have been watching porn and is replicating the noises from that, as one said: “God damn this is the funniest thing i’ve read all day LMAO i’m so sorry. But yeah it sounds like he’s taking inspiration from porn with the whole loud moaning thing. If it’s a turn off for you then he totally has to keep that in mind.”

What would you do if your partner was loud in bed? Let us know in the comments section…

The post comes after a fellow Reddit user confessed this week that he think he may now be gay after his girlfriend urged him to have a threesome with her and his male friend.

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