Men say they ‘don’t care’ about women’s stretch-marks during sex

In case you feel insecure about something as natural as having stretch marks on your body, let this be a nice reminder that most people accept and treasure them.

It comes after one Reddit user who was feeling a tad insecure about theirs published a thread asking if stretch marks turn off men.

The user titled the post: “Are stretch marks a turn-off for men, or do you not care?”

They explained that they have “quite a few” stretch marks on their body and that it makes them feel less about themselves.

“I’ve got quite a few stretch marks around my posterior, and they make me feel self-conscious,” they wrote.

Continuing, they asked: “Is there any reason to?”

Men revealed they love stretch marks on their partner

Sweetly over 290 people rushed to the comments – mainly men – to inform and encourage the user that the marks are “beautiful”.

One user commented: “Could not care less. By the time I have built the connection with you where I am seeing you naked, at that point, I dig you enough that any idiosyncrasies and quirks of your body make you unique and sexy. They make you interesting.”

Another invented a cool new name for stretch marks, commenting: “You mean sick-ass lightning tattoos.”

The user wrote back in agreement: “Yes! Those. Thank you”

“I rather like em. They’re like a ‘grab here’ print,” gushed another.

“No. They’re sexy…” Voiced one user.

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