Men give each other great sex tips after lad begins viral Reddit thread

Are you looking for ways to jazz things up in the bedroom?

It’s important to share sex tips sometimes as you can really learn a lot from another person.

Whether it’s trying a new sex position or adding a kinky toy into the mix, you can heat things up in so many ways.

Now an eye-opening thread on Reddit has gone viral after lads began giving each other advice in the sack.

Since it was uploaded earlier this week, it has racked up 71,100 upvotes and over 20,200 comments.

The caption read: “Men of Reddit, what is a great sex tip you have to share with other men of Reddit?”

Here we pick out some of the best comments from the online thread…

A man kicked off the thread by asking other lads for their sex tips

One suggested: “Listen carefully to prompts and noises, works wonders.”

Another advised: “Cut your nails,” while a third agreed: “Also file them after.”

A fourth simply said: “Talk to your partner about what they like?”

Meanwhile one Reddit user said they received a tip from their dad about having oral sex for the first time.

They said: “If you get hair in your mouth, don’t spit it out as it kills the mood. Instead lick her inner thigh to get it off your tongue.”

Others made it clear to not have sex after touching chillis as it could hurt the woman.

One female jumped in and confirmed it happened to her after her man had been cutting jalapeños.

Also in the thread, one user said: “Don’t be quiet.

African couple of lovers relaxing in bed at home, enjoying each other
Many suggested how others could improve their sex life

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“Let her know you enjoy it. Compliment her on different parts of her body.”

Another agreed and claimed there was “nothing hotter than a man who’s vocal during sex.”

There was also advice on touching other parts of her body.

And finally one mentioned that it’s important to have a conversation about porn before trying anything different in bed.

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