Male escort admits he took virginity of 40-year-old client as he dishes dirt on industry

A male escort has dished the dirt on the industry – discussing couple sex, role play, and taking a 40-year-old client’s virginity.

Rhys Phillips is an Australian male escort, who promotes his services across a variety of platforms, including Instagram and OnlyFans.

He opened up about about the world of escorting in an interview with DMARGE.

Talking about escorting, Rhys admitted it was “easy to get caught up in the emotion”, especially when there are the right levels of “comfort, chemistry and consent.”

He also said that he has discovered an attraction to a wider range of women since becoming an escort.

However, there are a few women – and couples – who have stood out for him.

Rhys, who says he doesn’t used viagra as part of his work, admitted one of his most memorable bookings was with a couple.

He said: “The couple booking was a bit of a role play for the lady. I was her partner’s mate from work that he invited back to have some fun.

“It was an intensely great experience for everyone involved and thoroughly expressed afterwards that they would like to see me again.”

He discussed couple sex, role play, and taking a 40-year-old client’s virginity

However, it wasn’t that fun for long, as on the way home, he realised they had short-changed him by 20%. Eventually he got the money though – although after he demanded the cash, the couple said they wouldn’t use him again.

Another booking that Rhys admits really “affected” him was with a lady in her 40s, who he says had “been through a lot in life” and had never had sex before.

He said: “After sitting and talking for quite some time about life and getting a better understanding on what she is looking for from me, it was clear that my purpose in this instance was to help her meet those expectations of experiencing intimacy for the first time.”

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Rhys added: “I knew I had to take things slowly as there was no way to gauge her boundaries and expectations sexually as she didn’t have any form of reference.

“Then afterwards we shared a shower together and held each other, in that moment of warm running water she began to cry thinking that it was all over and going to end.”

Rhys said he reassured her that he was “not going anywhere soon”.

His interview comes after another ex-escort opened up on her experience.

Evelyn Miller had a slightly different tale though as she spoke about having two vaginas – one of which she used for work and the other for romance.

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