Joystick Joyride sex move promises deep penetration – and mind-blowing orgasms

Why don’t you start the New Year off right.

Instead of sticking to boring old routine, why not get experimental in the bedroom.?

And you can start by trying this new steamy sex position?

Ann Summers is still hooking us up with the best sex positions to re-ignite the flames in the bedroom.

This one’s called the Joystick Joyride – and thankfully it has nothing to do with using a controller under the sheets – this move is perfect for deep penetration and an intimate face-to-face connection.

So enough teasing, Daily Star Online brings you its sex position of the week!

How to master the Joystick Joyride:

Simply climb on top and straddle your partner with your legs out in front, bent slightly at the knees.

Once you’ve entered, you can hold onto their shoulders and they can hold your hips so you’re both controlling the pace.

For an added thrill, get your partner to raise their body up slightly at the core – the slight shift in angle will offer you a whole load of clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Joystick Joyride offers deep penetration and hits the G-spot

Laura Whittaker, senior manager at Ann Summers, told Daily Star Online: “Just because January can feel slow, doesn’t mean your sex life should be!

“The Joystick Joyride will ensure you’re both starting the year off right, as this riding position allows you both to take control of your pleasure for some mind-blowing orgasms all round.

“It also offers a great post-Christmas workout, with cardio for you and a core workout for your partner – definitely worth skipping a busy January session in the gym for!”

Obviously with every sex position you can take it to another level by adding a toy into the mix.

Ann Summers suggests the Moregasm+ Couples Ring which will keep your partner harder for longer, while stimulating the vibrations.

It will even promise out of this world sensations and for more pleasure, use with some added Liquid Satin Multi lube to enjoy a not-so-dry January.

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