‘I was broken when husband cheated with neighbour – now I only date married men’

A woman “reclaimed” her life by dating married men.

She sought out the no-strings relationships after catching her husband cheating – and hasn’t looked back.

The anonymous lass told Elle: “I’d walked in on (my husband) shagging the next-door neighbour in our family home…

“To my knowledge, he was a caring and wonderful husband, I thought we had a great marriage. It broke me.”

Despite trying to fix the marriage for 18 months, the couple couldn’t get past the infidelity.

Then when both husband and wife started to feel self-destructive, they decided to separate for the sake of the children.

A woman revealed why she only dates married men at the moment

The woman started dating again but was unfilled by the flings.

But everything changed when she received an advert for Ashley Madison, which is a website for married people who are looking to cheat.

She signed up out of curiosity but soon found herself hooked on the website.

The Ashley Madison user felt “perversely turned on” by the website and is now juggling relationships with two married men.

She enjoys dating blokes who have long-term partners because she always knows where she stands.

It also allows her to have more fun than she would in a serious partnership.

The woman explained: “I don’t spend my days nagging at someone or picking up dirty underwear.

“I’m skipping all the relationship drudgery to go straight to the fun, exciting times.

“We go to the theatre and dine out on fancy meals, we stay in five-star hotels, we have sex that makes me feel alive and dangerous.

“I own a house, a car and I’m financially stable, I don’t need a boyfriend to complete me or pay for me. I want minimal strings attached and I get it…

“It feels powerful to be in control of the cheating, instead of being at its mercy.”

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