‘I divorced lesbian wife over cheating – now he’s transitioned and is my hubby’

A woman from Derbyshire who divorced her lesbian partner for cheating is now back with them as husband and wife.

Jewls Peart-Watson, 42, from Alfreton, Derbyshire discovered her then-wife was having an affair with a colleague at work.

However, the couple have now remarried as husband and wife after Brandon transitioned to be a man.

The affair happened while then-wife Brandon was transitioning.

Jewls uncovered the affair after months of lies and shady behaviour, such as changes on their joint phone bill and suspicious texts.

After confronting her partner, Brandon Peart-Watson, 52, a handyman, she broke off their marriage.

Brandon finally told Jewls the truth in November 2017.

They used to be lesbian partners and were married back in 2013

Although the couple separated, they remained close and in a twist of fate, have now re-married in a beautifully intimate ceremony in Llandrindod Wells, Wales.

Jewls, an export administrator, said: ”The affair was just awful, I thought I’d never trust again.

“There were so many clues that something was going on…

“But we had such a close, honest relationship that I just ignored the warning signs.

“But when I found texts, and then the phone bill and the fact that he was acting weird and cold around me – I finally started to really suspect something.

Jewls and Brandon pose for a picture together on holiday
However, they divorced in 2017 after Jewls found out Brandon had cheated

“To top it all off Brandon had started the process to transition to being a man so we had all that to contend with as well.”

She added: “I never ever thought we’d get back together, but we were just drawn back to each other.

“Our second wedding day was everything I’ve ever dreamed of, honestly it was so beautiful!”

The pair first met online back in April 2012 and spoke every day for four months before meeting in person.

Jewls and Brandon pose for a picture together
The pair remained close and got back together in 2019

They quickly fell in love, but couldn’t spend much time together as Jewls was living in Germany at the time.

However, four months later, Jewls made the move to Pembrokeshire in Wales to be with Brandon after becoming sick of the long distance relationship.

They first married in April 2013 and were “blissfully happy” until 2016 when Brandon’s mum died after a battle with dementia.

Jewls said it was hard for Branded as he lost his job around the same time too and it put a “strain” on them.

Jewls and Brandon pose at their wedding
They pair have now remarried as man and wife

“Then out of the blue I got a message from a woman he worked with – a woman I knew he had been texting quite a bit – who was calling me a ‘bad wife’ and things like that,” she said.

“I was astonished to be honest. I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right, but when I confronted Brandon he said that she was having a hard time and not to worry about it.”

However, after catching Brandon at a house party, Jewls said he finally admitted he’d been having an affair behind her back.

The pair were granted a divorce in November 2017 and they went their separate ways, but stayed in touch as Jewls was keen to continue to support Brandon’s transition.

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