‘I beat sex addiction 10yrs ago but can’t have male friends as I flirt with anyone’

A recovering sex addict revealed she can’t be friends with men despite kicking her habit 10 years ago.

Brianne Davis is hooked on the butterflies you get when you first connect with someone, which has led to her cheating on her partners in the past.

But her wake up call came when two men realised she wasn’t dating them exclusively.

While she’d been in a relationship with one guy for a decade, she’d been secretly seeing another man for two years.

She told the FML Talk podcast: “I had two boyfriends for two years. I got caught three times. I was such a good liar I got out of it. I was totally gaslighting them.

“I would overlap every relationship, I would always have someone in line.”

Brianne Davis spoke candidly about her sex addiction

While many would feel anxiety about going behind their partner’s back, Brianne admitted it was a thrill.

She told Huff Post that it “kept her on her toes” and gave her a “high”.

The sex addict also enjoyed cherry picking different characteristics from various men to create the “ultimate fantasy” in her head.

She explained: “I’d get emotional security from this guy, financial security from the other one, sexual chemistry with that one over there, and good old-fashioned best friend vibes with some other fool… it was like a revolving door of stand-in dudes.”

As Brianne had been hooked on sex since she was around 13 or 14 years old, the habit would be a hard one to kick.

Brianne Davis
Brianne used to get a thrill out of juggling relationships with multiple men

She said: “I guess if I was going to go back to a very young age I saw movies which I shouldn’t have seen.

“I saw Romeo and Juliet at a very young age and I saw the main actor’s butt, I saw his a***.

“I thought that’s what real love was. Someone has to drink some poison or die for each other. They were only together for two days.”

Watching sex scenes in films soon spilled into real life encounters with boys.

Brianne recalled: “In eighth grade I had a boyfriend, he walked towards me and kissed me.”

Brianne Davis
Brianne revealed she started being fascinated by sex when she was a teenager

She added: “My entire body was on fire. Since that moment I have been chasing that cheating dirty high. That was beginning of the end.”

After feeling like she was going to cheat with another guy, Brianne made it her mission to change her ways.

The sex addict sought help from a therapist to get on top of her “problematic” relationships.

She said: “There’s nothing sexy or hot about using someone else to get high. I had done it too many times. I was tired. I was burnt out. I was miserable. Enough was enough.”

Brianne completed an “eight-step therapy” program and hasn’t looked back.

Brianne Davis
Brianne has been in recovery for more than 10 years

She has settled down with a husband she is fully committed to and they have a baby boy.

But while Brianne has been “sober” from sex addiction for more than a decade, she still struggles to be around men.

She admitted: “I can’t have guy friends… I can’t even talk to waiters.

“I would flirt with anyone. I would even flirt with the door.”

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Determined not to let addiction rule her life again, Brianne is sharing her experiences.

She has also written a book called Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex & Love Addict, which you can buy here.

Brianne says she is “truly happy and healthy” nowadays.

She added: “I used to think life without secrets and lies would be boring but I was completely wrong.”

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