‘Help – I accidentally sent homemade sex vid of me and boyfriend to my mum’

A woman has asked for help on what to do after admitting she accidentally sent her mum a homemade sex video of herself and her boyfriend on holiday.

The woman took to Reddit to reveal the awkward situation as she asked other social media users for advice.

She wrote: “Long story short, me (23, female) and my partner (25, male) had just returned from holiday where we obviously took loads of pics.

“We also filmed a couple sex videos on his phone.

“He has an iPhone which automatically creates these collages of pictures to ‘celebrate’ an event if it recognises you’ve taken lots of pics in a short space of time.

“So he sends me this collage with the caption ‘cute holiday collage’.”

The video saw the woman and her boyfriend getting naughty while on holiday

She continued: “I watch the first 10 seconds or so, which are very cute and tame (mainly pics of us at the beach looking coupley) so I forwarded it to my mum, assuming it’s all good and a sweet vid to show her our time away…

“What I didn’t realise is that towards the end there is a clip of my boyfriend (having oral sex with) me as my head dangles off the side of the bed.

“My boyfriend said the caption was meant to be funny as the sex clip appears so unexpectedly amongst all the other clips and photos.

“I obviously then clocked what he meant and realised my awful mistake.”

Head shot close up of shocked woman looking at mobile phone screen
She asked whether she should talk to her mum about the video

She added: “My mum has seen it now and my boyfriend is panicking about how I could’ve sent it without watching the whole way through.

“I’m literally mortified.

“She hasn’t said anything but I’m really not sure what approach to take here. What should I do????”

The post, which has now gone viral, has had people chipping in to give their advice.

Many told the woman not to do anything, as one Reddit user wrote: “Absolutely f**king nothing. Trust me, your mum doesn’t want to talk about it either.”

Couole having sex
People warned her to be more careful with her sex videos in future

However, others told her to warn her mum not to watch it.

“At least tell her to not watch the video even tho she most likely has…. Just so you can give her a way out so she can lie to you and tell you that she hadn’t seen it yet. Help build the lie,” wrote one.

Meanwhile others said she should give her mum an explanation, as one person added: “She should at least send some explanation to her mum.

“Otherwise the mum might be worried that it was sent intentionally… possibly testing the waters for an incestuous 3-way.”

Other Reddit users just told the woman to learn from her mistake, with one writing: “What’s done is done. All you can do now is learn 2 things. (1) Don’t forward anything, ever, personal or professional, without reviewing it. (2) Remember that sex vids are forever. Forever forwardable.”

The woman later gave people an update, as she added: “Edit: Thank you to everyone who replied! My mum still hasn’t said anything yet and neither have I, decided to sleep on it before I say anything.

“To those asking if we can be identified, neither of us have a full, clear face shot, but I’d say it’s still fairly obvious it’s us due to our build, colourings etc. my bf can even faintly be heard saying something over the twinkling sound of the collage music.

“As such, I think my only real option is to apologise, as others have suggested. She’s definitely seen it, and too much time has passed now for me to ‘warn’ her not to. I’m just praying she reacts okay and things aren’t irreversibly awkward between us all. Wish me luck!”

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