Dad and son launch ‘unique’ custom-made sex toy company that are ‘one of a kind’

Starting a family business can be a wonderful thing.

It can be a food and drink company, or something a little bit more quirkier than that.

One dad and son have revealed how they’ve launched a sex toy brand after seeing a gap in the market for fantasy toys.

The son Alex does all the designs himself with themes ranging from tentacles to bananas.

He officially started the project with his papa in October 2018 and their Phreak website finally launched in March 2020.

Now in an exclusive chat with Daily Star, Alex has opened up about how his kinky toys are “one of a kind” in the market.

Alex said: “We’ve always had a keen interest in sexual psychology and the mindsets behind different kinks.

“We created a brand that was friendly and approachable, giving our toys some much-needed personality to diversify the market.”

You can find all sorts on the Phreak website, including traffic cone toys

It’s safe to say that Alex and his dad have certainly launched a unique business with their toys ranging from dragons to traffic cones.

Alex admitted: “Our toys are very unique in that we are able to fully customise anything you might like about a toy.

“We can also create entirely one-off models for customers, making our toys truly one of a kind.

“We believe we have succeeded in creating a friendly brand, bridging the gap between mainstream and fantasy toys.”

Dragon egg sex toy
If you like dragon eggs, then you can get a sex toy to look like one

The son kickstarted the company with his dad just a year after he finished his degree in mechanical engineering.

He revealed: “I was trying to figure out which direction my life might take me in (although I don’t think anyone ever figures that out).

“There are lots of toys out there that are made from sub-par materials such as vinyl and jelly-like options that aren’t fit for purpose.

“Our toys are fully customisable and are made from the very best quality, body-safe silicone.”

And if you’re wondering what it’s like starting a sex toy business with your dad, Alex has your answer.

He added: “Starting a business with family is much tougher than you might think…

“One of the main challenges being separating work from your home life.

“If you have a disagreement, you must always be able to leave it at work at the end of the day. This separation is key.”

Woman reaching for her vibrator
Sex toys are perfect to keep things interesting between the sheets

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He continued: “Communication is the most valuable asset you can have!

“Clearly communicating not only your reasoning, ideas and plans but also your feelings will allow everyone to be on the same page.

“By clearly communicating, you can grow not only as a business but as a family.”

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