Couples go wild for Helicopter sex position that promises to blow you away in bed

Trying new sex positions is a great way to spice up your love life.

It’s also good to explore in the sack as it’ll help you learn more things about yourself sexually.

So if you’re in need of some inspiration between the sheets, we reckon this move will blow you away (quite literally).

The Helicopter sex position isn’t for the faint-hearted but it’ll be worth it if you can master it correctly.

It requires a little bit of strength so don’t go diving into it straight away, okay?

According to the sex masterminds at Cosmopolitan, it’s one of those “do it because maybe you can” position.

Right, now that we’ve teased you enough, scroll down below and see how you can master it.

It’s good to try new sex positions

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The Helicopter involves the top partner hovering in mid-air in a plank position while inserting themselves into their partner.

Sex therapist Tatyana Dyachenko said: “The partner that is going to be penetrated needs to get on their hands and knees.

“The partner on top will be in a high plank position supporting themselves either with their hand or elbows.”

It’s important to go slow to make sure you have a firm and stable stance before you thrust.

One partner needs to get on their hands and knees, while the other stands over them in a downward dog position.

The one standing over will need their head at the opposite end of their partner’s.

As they slide inside, they must lift their leads into the air so they’re supported on their hands.

And don’t forget their hips must be against their partner’s butt.

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