Care worker bombarded with sex offers from married men after dying hair blonde

A woman has proved that blondes really do have more fun when it comes to dating.

Rebecca Young says she’s been bombarded with sex offers since she recently changed her hair colour from her natural brunette to blonde.

The care worker, from Sheffield, tried using other dating sites like Tinder but got fed-up of meeting men who expected her to pay or share the bill when they went out.

She was determined to find a man who can spoil her – and so she turned to IllicitEncounters – the UK’s leading affairs site.

And since the 36-year-old starting using the website, Rebecca totally changed her image by dying her hair blonde and wearing red lipstick.

She said: “It was like I was a completely new woman. Suddenly I had lots of men desperate to have sex with me because I was blonde.

“I had five men all keen to have sex despite the lockdown. It was very tempting but I believe we do have to abide by the restrictions for now.

“I have been enjoying having Facetime sex while we are all stuck at home, but I will have full blown affairs with some of them when lockdown ends.

“People are so frustrated at present because they cannot meet new people for sex. There is going to be a huge explosion of passion when lockdown is lifted.”

Rebecca started by changing the platform in which she mets men – then came the part where she transformed her appearance.

Rebecca Young before she dyed her hair blonde

She added: “I have been using for a couple of years after a friend recommended it to me because lots of the men on it are loaded.

“It was nice meeting men who were only to happy to pay and maybe spoil me with a gift as well. I started out on the site using my natural brunette colour.

“That is when I decided to go fully blonde and make myself look a lot more attractive. The change was instant – with more than 30 men messaging me and keen to take things further.

“Many of them were not too bothered about the lockdown and would have had sex immediately but I have told them to wait.

“I have whittled down those original 30 to five and I am having a lot of fun during lockdown flirting and having Facetime sex.”

Rebecca Young after she dyed her hair
The 36-year-old dyed her hair blonde and put on some red lipstick

And Rebecca doesn’t feel any ounce of guilt considering she’s dating married men from the website.

She continued: “If they were not cheating with me, it would be someone else. It is not like I am breaking up anyone’s marriage.

“Two of the men have open marriages and their wives cheat, too. One of the wives even joined in one time when we were having Facetime sex.

“With the other three men, their wives have lost interest in sex or they are having affairs themselves.

“Sticking with the same partner for 40 years is boring, let’s face it. Monogamy doesn’t work when so many of us want to have sex with more than one person.”

Rebecca does not work in a care home but provides private care for one professional client and she is very busy during lockdown. has seen a 15% rise in activity since lockdown started because people stuck at home with their partners are looking for excitement elsewhere.

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationship expert, said: “Like Rebecca, lots of our members are having great sex during lockdown but they are doing it remotely for now.

“That will all change in the next month or so when lockdown is finally eased and we will see a huge explosion in the number of full-blown affairs.”

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