Best calorie-burning sex positions to burn fat in bed – from doggy to cowgirl

Losing weight and the enjoyable exercise that is sex can go hand in hand… if you’re doing the right sex positions.

Of course, if you are comfortable and cosy in missionary, you’re not up and burning calories but there are some positions that can help you achieve exactly that.

If you despise going to the gym or find yourself skipping your HIIT classes, maybe you just need to have more sex.

Using these positions you can train your core, tone your legs, and even trim your bum and tum.

All while getting some serotonin as you orgasm… hopefully!

But it comes at a price, it has to be “high-energy lovemaking”.


Rebecca Dakin, the AKA The Great British Sexpert, says: “It does require high-energy love-making sessions to lose weight.

“So my first bit of advice would be to build stamina.”

She also advises that couples try to have sex for as long as they can to burn more calories.

The sexpert says to work on your edging techniques, which means getting your partner close to orgasm then starting again to build up suspension, excitement, and of course, to burn more fat.

Longer sex sessions

The sexpert recommends longer sessions burn more calories

Dakin says 30 to 40-minute sex sessions will have an impact on your weight loss.

For sex, Dakin actually does recommend the missionary position.

She told The Sun: “Missionary is very underrated. But it’s quite energetic and the butt-clenching makes it a good one for glutes.

“For the partner on the bottom, there’s an opportunity to push yourself upwards – engaging your core and using your glutes – so that you’re moving together rather than just lying there.”

The Bridge

If you’re seeking a hardcore position that is more challenging but will work all your major muscles, try out the Bridge.

The Bridge happens by the receiving partner facing upward and uses all their limbs to hold their body weight up and off the ground.

By doing so as they enter, you are working your triceps, abs, biceps, glutes, calves, and quads.

To make it easier, place a pillow under your back to help with support

Doggy style

Happy middle-aged couple make love on white sheet in bed
Doggy style is also recommended for weight loss

The sexpert recommends doggy style to engage with your core.

She said: “Make sure to also move your butt upwards rather than let them do all the work.”

During Doggystyle, you also work on your quadriceps and glutes as they help brace against the impact.

It’s also very easy to go at faster speeds.


Cowgirl is undeniably the best weight loss sex method, according to Dakin.

“The key with this position is to squat with your feet flat,” she says.

During the position, if your feet are flat, you can tone your legs, bum, and your tummy all at the same time.

If that’s too tricky, build up to it and practice outside of the bedroom with your squats and balance.

The arch

Basically an upgrade of the missionary position, this is essentially an elevated version.

To accomplish it, the receiver lifts their hips into a yoga position called the bridge.

While the man should be on his knees, with the woman holding the back of his thighs.

The receiver will work their calves, quads, core, lower and upper back, triceps, and shoulders.

Reverse cowgirl

GolfSupport also rounded up the most effective sex positions for burning calories – and it was reverse cowgirl.

Researchers instructed 112 heterosexual couples to wear Fitbit activity trackers during sex.

The squat move, which is effectively cowgirl reversed, was shown to torch the most calories.

Bouncing around in the bedroom for 30 minutes sees ladies burn 188kcal and men shed 50kcal.

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