All you need to know about security doors

All you need to know about security doors

Buying a security door –portes asfaleias- is a great investment for anyone who is building a new home and is in the process of being selected but also for someone who may be considering a change primarily for security reasons. Choosing such a door is one of the best options in order to protect your space and your property as well as your own people. You will usually find many models on the market depending on how much money you have available.
The truth is that such an investment provides a high level of security by shielding the spaces that will be placed. When there is a thought to replace an old door with a new modern armored one, it is certain that there will be safety and aesthetics in every space as there are many designs and colors, classic and modern depending on the decoration of each house. Of course, choosing a door always requires attention, to do market research and get offers, but also to check the needs of your space. But if you wish to have everything around the house safe then you totally need an armored door.

Types of security doors and  lock shields

It is a very important criterion in the choice of buying the door since they are commercially available with single shield, double or even triple. The truth is that the larger the type of shield, the more secure a security door is. Of course you should be very careful in choosing the lock as it should have many locking points. There are doors with single locks, double locks, automatic mechanical locks, as well as electromechanical and electrical locks.
Finally, something that many may not know is very important to place the defender outside the security door, which protects the lock door of the security door, further increasing the security of the door. Aluminum security door Choosing an aluminum security door we realize that in principle they can withstand all weather conditions. So we can place them in the seaside cottage where there is enough humidity, but also in the house on the mountain since the difficult weather conditions (rain, snow) will not create any problems. You can choose a door with double shielding that is very durable.

Aluminum doors

With an aluminum door you do not have to worry about maintenance, installation is very easy. You will find aluminum doors in shades of wood or Ral giving luxury to the home. Armored aluminum doors are distinguished for their longevity and high durability. Security door with wood paneling If you choose to buy a wooden security door you should know that they are solid inside (they do not have hollow gaps) and generally they are heavy doors so that they are not easily broken. Of course this makes a security door difficult to break.
We usually place them in houses or buildings as main entry points. It is unquestionably safe as it is made of very hard wood, it is of high aesthetics and in relation to the other security doors it is much cheaper. There are also pantry doors with 6mm thick film lining. Very durable with modern design, you will find in many colors -Steel doors Steel doors are very durable (more than hardwood) and combine space security with quality and beautiful appearance. They can be available with wood paneling or wrought iron in a wide range of designs. They are usually resistant to blows and kicks, although they are more likely to sink more easily than hardwood. The downside is that they do not look beautiful aesthetically.

Laminate cladding security doors

Another category is the laminate doors also a very good choice presenting high aesthetics, low price and also in many colors. Wrought iron door There are wrought iron security doors that are very durable and we usually recommend them in cottages because of the traditional style.
Houses with traditional architecture have the ability to be equipped with this type of door which are not easily broken. We will usually see wrought iron doors in many different designs. Multiple doors Such doors are usually placed in garages of cars and houses, in underground garages, in warehouses, in shops. One can choose manual or electric, with many color options, safety and space saving. Installing a security door It is very important to install a security door as it must be installed by a qualified technician.
Usually the workshop will dismantle and move your old door and place the security door very carefully so that your home is now more secure and unquestionably away from the eyes of burglars.

Repair and Maintenance of Armored Security Doors

Repair and Maintenance of Armored Security Doors can be provided to you by the best company in Athens. The professionals of Alfino door company will come to your house and install or repair your security door in less than an hour. They are the best professionals in security door installation and repair so you need to contact them if you need a new security door.