A fifth of men would give up sex for a year in return for the perfect beard, poll finds

A fifth of men think having a beard is better than sex.

20% of 2,000 blokes admitted they’d go celibate for a year if it meant they could have the perfect facial fuzz.

This isn’t the only surprising statistic unearthed by the OnePoll survey.

Apparently, 40% of chaps would spend a night in prison if it meant they could get a fabulous beard.

The same proportion of men also agreed that giving up coffee would be a sacrifice worth making in return for better facial hair.

Meanwhile, 18% of participants admitted they’d shave their head to grow more hairs on their chins.

20% of men would ditch sex for 12 months to get better facial hair

The survey, commissioned by beard grooming company Honest Amish , suggests that beards are an important characteristic for many men.

A sizeable 73% of blokes think facial hair makes them look more attractive.

The majority of women agree, with 63% of them saying they prefer chaps who grow their stubble.

Having said this, there could be some benefits to not having chin hair.

Previously, a study claimed that men with beards are “more likely to have smaller testicles”.

A fifth of men would give up sex for a year in return for the perfect beard, poll finds
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Meanwhile, other research said chaps with facial hair could “carry more germs than dogs”.

This shouldn’t be surprising, given another study that was conducted in the past.

Stomach-churningly, your beard could contain poo particles.

Microbiologist John Golobic swabbed a collection of beards in the the hunt for bacteria and found some contained so much poo they were worse than toilets.

If there were similar samples in our water systems, the scientist – of Quest Diagnostics in New Mexico – said it would have to be shut down.

Dr Golobic said: “I’m usually not surprised, I was surprised by this.”

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